Setting the correct diagnosis for each medical examination depends on the accuracy of laboratory findings. POLYCLINIC ALTEA with highly sophisticated biochemical laboratory and dedicated staff ensures accuracy and efficiency in performing laboratory analysis.

Equipment, such as HumaCount, HumaCount 30TS, Humalyzer 3000 и Gesan Chem 200 produced by world renowned companies, seamlessly operates with a capacity of more than 200 analysis per hour. We have been continuously committed to ensuring all of the highest quality reagents necessary for the quality of the analysis.

POLYCLINIC ALTEA, in the interests of patients, through collaboration with highly-specialized institutions from the country and abroad, provides the most specific tests and analyzes necessary for setting the correct diagnosis.



  • sedimentation
  • blood exams
  • protein status
  • lipid status
  • electrolyte status
  • glycerides` status
  • enzyme status
  • coagulation status
  • urinary status
  • sediment in the urine
    (average domains)
  • hormonal status
  • virus status
  • drug status
  • allergology tests
  • immune status
  • tumor markers
  • pregnancy test